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This Cleaning Habit will Change your life

Hello, my dear Visual Musers! I am highly aware that we will be spending lots of time inside our homes. But instead of complaining about our indoor experience. Why not make it better? Today I learned another type of help we all need to improve in our lives. What I am referring to here is home organization and cleanliness. Why is organizing and cleaning so important? I know some of us already clean and organize, but how can we reinforce it in our homes? Especially in such an uncertain time like this, where we must turn our kitchen area into our office and make space for our children’s new learning habitat. 

If you are interested then here’s the bottom line of the psychology that goes behind the good feelings of cleaning and organizing. 

When you clean and organize your home, essentially what you’re creating inside your brain is LESS CORTISOL. (For those of you who don’t know cortisol is the hormone that increases stress.) Now, if you were to clean and organize your home, this provides you with a sense of mastery and control over at least your environmental area. And since the human mind enjoys predicting what will happen next to survive better, it is only obvious that because of the current chaos of the virus we become even more unpredictable. However, one way to cope with this unpredictability is by cleaning and organizing. Read the benefits below. 

Benefits of Cleaning & Organizing: 

Mindset: positively impacts your overall mentality by causing happiness, focus, efficiency, serenity. 

Physically: Restful and restorative.  

The importance of controlling your organizational and cleaning habits are connected to what happens when you wake up in the morning. When you wake up you first see your surroundings. And, if those surroundings are clutter than you’ll release more cortisol spiking your stress levels. Read what happens when you spike your stress levels.

Disadvantages of Filthy & Disorganize

Mindset: negatively impact your overall mentality causing depression, anxiety, unrestfulness, irritability, and inefficiency.

Physically: Unhealthy weight, unhealthy eating habits, problems with heart rate, and problems with blood pressure among other probable health issues.  

Now that we know the benefits and disadvantages, let us explore ways to continue balancing our homes. Follow these bottom suggestions to keep fortifying your already great cleaning and organizational habits. And if you’re new to the cleaning and organizational habit it’s never too late. So welcome and join us by following these simple suggestions. 

  1. Chunk down chores into smaller goals. We complain about not having enough time to clean. Dedicate 30 or 20 or 15 minutes out of your day to cleaning a specific place in your home. For example, you can start with 1 small cabinet in your kitchen area. Then the next day you can select another area. 
  2. Balance your emotions with a reminder. Because sometimes we are emotionally attached to items like trophies or birthday cards we can simply take a picture of them and then send the items out. This way we don’t feel emotionally down because we have a visual reminder.
  3. Reinforce the good feelings of an organized and clean home. Because sometimes we are tempted to fall back into our old habits here is what I suggest. Make the habit obvious by looking into Pinterest pins of organization, reading anti-clutter blogs, follow Marie Konda who teaches the art of decluttering and organizing or better yet keep this article as a reminder of the many benefits.

Warning: Cleaning and Organizing are great habits but some individuals suffer from extreme cleanliness which causes OCD over compulsive disorders. So balance your habit accordingly. 

I hope after reading this you’re either inspire to take initiative on cleaning and organizing or have learned why organizing in times like these give us at least some sense of control.

Thanks for reading, until next time! Love Melo 🙂 

Hi, my name is Melody and I am the face behind the visual muse! I am a health and wellness writer currently based out of Miami Fl. When I am not writing or exercising. I am either collaborating on voice overs projects and love spending time learning different ways to manifest self-improvement.

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