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What to wear for Coachella?

Before Coachella: Try-Out-Outfit

During Coachella Day 1, 2018
Couples Picture Coachella Day 2
Pool Day 1
Okayyyy! Yes, Coachella 2019 is here! Some of you have probably already coordinated your outfits. However, if this is of any use for you, please feel free to get inspired. I am actually sharing this post with all you because last years festival exceeded my expectations for a good time with good company and I’ll explain why. To begin with, I remember assembling my outfits during the last week before Coachella. I really had no clue whether to wear something super matchy such as a duo set, for lack of time or to go a little out of my comfort zone. I personally went with a more out of my usual outfit zone, which, is why I ended up selecting a tie-front top with big wing sleeves. I then paired it with a black suede miniskirt that had crossed-lace details. Now, festivals are meant to be fun and going a little out of your ordinary outfits gives an extra oomph to your day. Inclusively, this is what I believe makes Coachella alike other festivals a unique experience. So leave your ordinary outfits at home and pack those crazy colorful outfits because this is the perfect timing to experiment. (Just don’t bring those high-heels, leave those behind as well. The idea is to feel comfortable to enjoy the festival.) Do not forget to pack your bikini. If you can, always pack 3 just in case you have time to tan or have a pool party. You never know, when you’re gonna need one, there’s swimwear for different occasions. I regret only packing 2 :(. I went with a yellow-mellow color just because it brings joy to my eyes. Next, outfits I selected were a long maxi dress helping me achieve an effortlessly bohemian look. Nothing expensive, the maxi-dress was bought at Marshall’s and I simply paired it with a distressed jean jacket for a breezy night. The other outfit was all bought from F21. It was a red miniskirt from with a white crop top and ruffle details giving me the hipster look. I also style the jean jacket around my waist in order to cover my butt. So you can say I tried the ultra-femme, bohemian and hipster looks. As far as the company, I can truly say it matters who you surround yourself with during a long epic weekend. If you are with individuals whose energy is lacking or whose energy is simply negative than your outfit or stay location doesn’t really matter. For the magic to really happen in its totality you need to direct it in the right direction. This means, it’s all about the vibe, start on the wrong vibe…you will end with an unsatisfied experience. Start with the right vibe you will fully enjoy yourself! 😉 Also, I don’t know if this helps but I am the nagging girlfriend always asking for a couples picture. So if you’re anything like me … before embarrassing yourself let your guy know this is something you would like to do, before heading to the festival. Sometimes your guy may not be in the mood for doing this but, if you let him know ahead of time he might please you by taking the time to take a picture with you. I know my guy has little patience, to the extent where he dislikes taking pictures in public if they take more than one take.

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