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I am Back! And Sharing A Few Of My Workout Routines👊🏼

I love to get my workouts first thing in the morning. Typically I do my workouts in the time slot of 5 A.M if possible or 6:00 A.M. It’s really just a matter of what I have planned out for the rest of my day. I fast for the first hour because that’s just how it has always been since I feel like this process allows my stomach to reset. My fasting consists of not eating breakfast for the first hour, where I solely hit the workout plan right after having my coffee and water. Then right after my workout, I head to the kitchen to prep breakfast which, is the most satisfying part because I feed my body the nutrients it needs to continue on with my day. If you want more information on what my breakfast consists of, check out the tab of health.

At this moment, I am really getting into the mood of working out by using kickboxing moves. And I can earnestly say that I am proud of developing new power, agility, and flexibility that I had no idea I could achieve. This kickboxing experience has definitely humbled me to see that there are many areas to improve oneself. And I don’t mean just physically but mentally. This sport challenges you to strive for more because it gives you the notion that a grand opportunity awaits for you to become better and that to get better only takes time, effort, and repetition over and over.
And this is just the beginning, I am only touching the iceberg at this point with this sport. Imagine what it could be like 6 months from now or 2 years from now? This sport teaches you to be humble and keep grinding because the challenge is a never-ending process ( the sweetness of the game!)

Below I also have other workouts that I do to keep my abs and glutes toned. The best part is that no equipment is necessary. Hope you enjoy reading and have a great rest of the week! Love Melo!

Hi, my name is Melody and I am the face behind the visual muse! I am a health and wellness writer currently based out of Miami Fl. When I am not writing or exercising. I am either collaborating on voice overs projects and love spending time learning different ways to manifest self-improvement.

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