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How to Create or Break a Habit

“40% of everything we do on a daily basis is habitual”

Hello and welcome again to this little corner of mine called “the visual Muse” that I’d like to share with you all. If you are interested in learning how to change your old habits for better habits than today’s blog is dedicated to you. 

It is through visual surroundings that we learn more because we begin mimicking what mom, dad, grandma, and others are doing around us. Well if that is the case and that is the origin of where our formal schooling comes from let me begin by opening up about my first 7 years in a quick rampant manner. (Trust my opening of this it will make sense after I exemplify my upbringing and then try to analyze my life to teach how old habits can be extracted while at the same time create new ones that are more beneficial for you. And all this information is brought to you from my continuous learning habit. In the end, I will reveal my source but for now, just trust my process.)  

When I was 7 years old, all I remember seeing from my parents was how exhausted they would come back from work that the only activity they were willing to do was watch tv. This, of course, became the norm for me. You can say that from age 7 all the way to 17, watching TV became my habit. It was school then work on school projects and finally my relaxing time where I would simply binge on tv without any other productive activity. I was not pouring any good habits I was simply putting nonsense in my head by watching lots of tv shows that wouldn’t feed my mind, body or soul. 

Moreover, it was not until I moved out of my parents’ home that I started becoming more aware of what my routine habits were like. It must have been the distance that produced more self-awareness. I noticed T.V bored me and in the case of watching attractive shows afterward, I would feel such a horrible feeling. I disliked feeling unproductive which got me to start looking into what else was out there to do. Thank goodness for the internet, I was able to search! Yes, it was a great tool but in doing my search I got caught up on a new web that spiraled into more unproductiveness because I came across YouTube channels, shopping online, browsing Facebook and Instagram, etc. Thus, the ugly feeling remerged I was still unsatisfied with my quest for what can make me a better version of myself. Digging through this I came across books. In the past, I had heard that some of the greatest successful entrepreneurs are readers. Now at first glance, I was hesitant about reading because my first teachings of reading came from boring textbooks which, I dreaded more than anything. How can reading be productive? I thought to myself. If anything, they put me to sleep! I rejected the visual idea of reading books. But then something changed. I kept getting cues from some of the most accomplished people out there like Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Warren Buffet, Oprah Winfrey, Elon Musk, Mark Cuban and Phil Knight to name a few. They are all very productive individuals who read so there must be something about reading that ignites the individual to become better. Which brought me to 1.) How can I break away from watching TV? and 2.) How can I create Reading a part of my Identity? 

What Jay and I decided to do was to have a bedroom without a TV. And our living room with TV was only for our guests but we would not turn on the tv because we subconsciously picked up that TV was unproductive. We highlighted how the TV was keeping us away from accomplishing better things. Instead of watching the news we reframed our mindsets by focusing on writing our agenda early morning while listening to music or positive affirmations. And whenever we needed a distraction away from our desks, we would turn up the music and start cooking our lunch. We also cut off our hundreds of channels to make it difficult to access any interruption from work. It is in this manner that we pushed out our bad habit of TV.  

Now, of course, I had some free time after work but during my free time, I vowed to create something better. I wanted my free time to also be identified with better habits and one was definitely to initiate reading. My reading journey began by picking up a few books and setting them up by my nightstand and some by my coffee table in the living room. This way I would get visual cues to pick up a nice cup of hot matcha and read a page or 2. I presumed that reading felt eternal, so I began with 5 pages max of reading a day and I pushed it to be at least 3 days consistent. At first, glancing over Instagram was more fun than picking up a book and reading which is why I introduced the idea of pairing my book to either a yummy small dessert or a hot matcha latte. This way my chain reaction became desirable. 

This habit is something I now practice daily, which is how I was able to get this information to your hands. You see the way I broke away from a bad habit and created a new good habit was all a matter of a learning process. My source of information derives from a current book that I am reading called, “Atomic Habits”, now you might have heard of it or maybe not but here is where I learned about breaking a bad habit and creating a good habit. 

Brake Bad Habit: 

  1. Make it Invisible: Habit of watching T.V initiated since I was 7 so I moved out at 17 from home. Removed T.V from the bedroom. (Living room T.V is only for guests). 
  2. Make it Unattractive: “Frame mindset …TV keeps you away from production. You won’t make money.” 
  3. Make it Difficult: Cut all the good channels 
  4. Make it Unsatisfying: “Icky feeling after watching too much T.V”

Create a Good Habit: 

  1. Make it obvious: I will read books at my house after working hours. I will place books in my living room and on top of my nightstand. 
  2. Make it attractive: I want to drink Matcha lattes, so I’ll pair this action with what I need to do (read more).
  3. Make it Easy: Read-only 5 pages and increase accordingly.
  4. Make it Satisfying:  Enjoy learning new information.

Now, reading can be a productive habit but only if you practice what you believe is of good learning. Sometimes we might know something is good for us but won’t take action at all which leads to no change. However, if you read and practice what you learn there is a change that occurs. You don’t want to just Read you want to be practicing what you take away from your readings. Thus, my blog is my way of showing you all that I am practicing my new habit which is writing. If I can publicly allow others to judge my writing than I am taking action. Learning the process of a new habit is one thing but consistently practicing the new habit is mastering the habit. Let that sink in your mind for a bit and then come up with your own good habits. Thank you for reading, until next time! Love Melo!

Hi, my name is Melody and I am the face behind the visual muse! I am a health and wellness writer currently based out of Miami Fl. When I am not writing or exercising. I am either collaborating on voice overs projects and love spending time learning different ways to manifest self-improvement.

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