Costco Dinner Date you won’t regret

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We’ve all been there where we don’t know what to cook but still want to remain romantic minus the stressful recipes. I know what’s easier is to go out and simply order a meal while exploring the city or town but for some of us this too may bring too much stress from the environment we’re surrounded by. If you’re like me sometimes you just want to stay away from restaurants because either they are too loud, flashy, and perhaps even unsanitary if employees are not careful enough when it comes to prepping your dinner.

You can say I’ve been to many restaurants from low-end to high-end but, there is nothing like having a homemade meal that you know was crafted with your own hands. Creativity in the kitchen doesn’t have to take a whole year of learning but it does require you shopping for the ingredients. Maybe not many when it comes to this easy stress-free romantic dinner I have assembled here.

So here are the ingredients to this fancy-romantic looking dinner. Get yourself to Costco and buy the following:

-Bag of avocados (although you’ll probably be using only 1 the rest will come in handy for another day.) -1 Salmon pre-marinated(place it on the oven at 400 degrees for 25 minutes)

-1 box of mix spring greens (meantime mix the salad with balsamic dressing and a hint of lime/ salt and pepper at your taste) -one box of your choice of champagne (we used the mini Mionetto Prosecco bottles)

-1 avocado (cut into slices)

And enjoy! It’s healthy minus the alcohol part. But hey…it’s only once in a while. If you have kids and your kids are asleep try this out with your partner. It sure will make him feel special plus it makes you look like you have everything figure out because it’s a stress-free recipe. 😉

Once in awhile, right in middle of ordinary life, [FOOD] gives us a fairy tale.

Thanks for reading. Love Melo!

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