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What’s Your Summer Getaway? Catalina Island

I love walking between Via Casino and Descanso Beach

If you are located somewhere in California or are planning to visit California on a low key note, and are tired of crowded touristy places, then maybe you’ll love this gem!

You just can’t go wrong with this summer view!

This gem is Catalina Island which contains the iconic casino landmark. Interestingly is not a casino where individuals gamble, instead it is a place where people gather to enjoy theater, shopping, architectural views, and epic boat tours. Now that I’ve mentioned tours… yes “tourists” were once prohibited to enter this Island from 1942-1945. But not to worry, although, tourists are now welcome it’s not overly crowded. You’ll have an amazing time because most people forget that this place even exists.

Now, that you know this place is ALMOST a totally private location because people forget about its existence. You should do some reservations for what may seem in the mornings like a private beach A.K.A Descanso. This place is ideal because once you are situated comfortably your drinks and food get delivered by the restaurant from Descanso Beach Club. Of course in the midday expect more individuals to show up but hey by then you can also head out to other amusements such as zip lining, snorkeling, boat rides, sightseeing, hiking, and driving golf carts on road.

We were there to celebrate a Birthday so, for the most part, we enjoyed Descanso Beach Club. We had a blast! And I am sure we will be back soon!

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