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Daring Greatly (V)
The courage to be vulnerable, to show up and be seen.
To ask for what you need,
to talk about how you’re feeling,
to have the hard conversations.
Author- Brene Brown

I waited for a good while to write about my experience in Cancun. And it wasn’t because I wanted to impress anyone about the exploration of this area but instead I wanted to cherish this special moment with my partner in crime. I wanted to not publish anything about this little gem because it is here where I found tranquility and all my worries were gone. We ate, drank, danced and talked and at times we didn’t talk. We were experiencing all the joy and wished that somehow our friends and family all had the same opportunity as us, to enjoy it all. At the moment we were soaking in all the tranquility of the world and were reminiscing how much fun we’ve had all of the previous years plus this year. At this point, we didn’t know exactly why all these good stuff were happening but we simply thank God for allowing us to experience such a wonderful life. Little did we know that during this same year 2 of the hardest events were going to be happening in just 1 more month.

And I don’t write this to make someone on the other side of the screen pity me instead I write it down because this is who I am and what I am experiencing as a human. I am sure somewhere else in this world someone else has had it worse. Anywho, I’ve come across a book called, “Daring Greatly”, maybe you’ve heard of it or maybe you haven’t. The point I am bringing this book up is because somehow during my last flight from my original hometown in the Bay Area heading to Miami I was desperately seeking for self-help. I was feeling crushed down emotionally. I was trying to keep my head up like a soldier does regardless of everything falling apart. I wanted someone to guide me to understand, why all these events were happening? Why all of it was happening all at once? So to put it, in short, this book helped me to embrace my vulnerability. To write without caring what people think about it. To write to deliver my emotions because one day we will all be gone and vulnerability is a place where you can grow and come to a closer understanding of life.

So my father was diagnosed with a terminal illness that stems from a long history of (alcohol), this is the reason I spent almost an entire month in the bay area. Then my father-in-law was diagnosed with cancer in the tonsils and we were told he was going to go through intense chemotherapy. We obviously were not prepared for any of this news, all at once. But we managed like 2 big adults to do whatever we could to help our families emotionally. Sure financially we could help but the most essential part of having a family whether broken or not is trying to bond no matter the matter. Take it from us, Jay comes from a united family and I come from a broken family. While we both have different upbringing we still managed to work our hardest to protect our families and give them love no matter the circumstances. This is currently still our situation but this doesn’t mean that we will remain stagnant in this mood. The choice is ours. We either push our selves up or down. I chose up because this will help, guide, love and protect my family. If I take care of my emotions I am also helping to take care of the rest of my family whether broken or not. And if I can do it, you can do it too.

Although, this isn’t a Cancun review experience. It is by far, a way to show you that not everything you see is real. Some days you’ll be doing great and some days you won’t but in the end, it is how hard you work to make the best out of your life. Thanks for reading! Love Melo! ♡

Hi, my name is Melody and I am the face behind the visual muse! I am a health and wellness writer currently based out of Miami Fl. When I am not writing or exercising. I am either collaborating on voice overs projects and love spending time learning different ways to manifest self-improvement.

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