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5 Things I do in the Mornings to improve my productivity

  1. I enjoy matcha tea as both a matcha latte and as a hot matcha tea. Regardless, matcha is my indulgence as it sets my mood in the right direction by helping me focus while energizing me throughout my day.
  2. I prefer waking up to natural scents which is why I love the magical oil scent diffusers. This is why I like to take the time to set up my diffuser right after I wake up. One of my favorite essential oils right now is the lavender. These essential oils give me the sense that I am connected to mother earth, which helps set my home/office into a stress-relieving oasis. Needless, to mention diffusers help promote brain activity because when they become a habitual activity they trigger the brain to associate essential oils to the stimulation of creativity.
  3. My favorite part of the morning is eating a delicious healthy meal. I like to take time to eat something prepared by my own hands. I used to hate cooking because I had a negative connotation for this activity. However, Jay (my boyfriend) taught me to see it as art. So now that I see it as Art, I feel more inclined to do this! This became a valuable lesson for me because now I can find art anywhere :). Therefore, being that I am a creature of creativity I decorate my breakfast which is why I research through Pinterest prior to making my meals. I use Pinterest as a form of inspiration to research for meals that look pretty, have health benefits and deliver a delicious taste. 
  4. Working out is by far the second most enjoyable part of my morning ritual. Currently, I’ve been doing spinning classes for 45 minutes with intervals and those classes have seriously challenged me! I am not kidding about this, because each class is almost like a mental challenge as you are no longer pushing with your legs sometimes the only energy left is within your soul. 😉 
  5. Last but not least, the other part of my ritual is organizing my day and being that I like to feel more proactive I use a paper agenda as opposed to a digital agenda. I put a list of all the pending work I have from most important to least important. Then I just tackle them because I have already enjoyed the time for myself. So, definitely waking up early helps you extend your time for the things you enjoy. 

Hi, my name is Melody and I am the face behind the visual muse! I am a health and wellness writer currently based out of Miami Fl. When I am not writing or exercising. I am either collaborating on voice overs projects and love spending time learning different ways to manifest self-improvement.

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