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How to go for what you want, regardless of Fear

Hi there! Just landed in paradise :). We are in Miami and planning where to photoshoot some pictures that speak Latin-Vibrant-Tropical aesthetics. I’m excited to be here and to start creating! And lucky for me, Southern Florida is a place that lends itself to a full atmosphere of inspirational art. And now let me begin describing my experience of how I managed to go for what I want.

I have always been inspired to create aesthetic content in many locations. However, it has not always been easy to open up about my passion for fashion, style, art, photography, and the creation of all aesthetics. Not so long ago a combination of nerves and fear were holding me back from creating photoshoots because I felt out of my comfort zone. And even though this battle is internally occurring, I have decided to be more open about my passion.

Here’s what I’ve done to move into action regardless of my fears. I have pushed myself to come across useful information for my growth by simply googling. I have pushed myself to create this website to unleash my creativeness by brainstorming with paper and pencil content to write about. I have also surrounded myself with individuals who are already conquering their passions. As well as, read motivational books. Books, which have already made some small improvements in me, from simply coming across words such as, “Action kills Fear”. I credit these words, for encouraging me to reach out to individuals that I would have never otherwise considered talking to before because of fear. Yes, you read correctly, fear of feeling rejected, but from reading I’ve also learned that rejection similarly to failure are key factors of success. At first, you may be mind bugged, questioning, how could someone reach success if they’re getting rejected left and right or stepping into failure? Well, as corny as it may sound, rejection and failure should be seen as marketing research. And since without collected marketing research, we have no way of knowing where to begin improving, then it’s an inevitable part of life. But once you tap into rejection and failure they’ll soon help you grow a little better each day. For instance, examine the following question. How can we become what we want if all the time we hear positive feedback from friends, family and loved ones? We can’t possibly be 100% sure of what we do all the time. This is why raw negative feedback is also fruitful to help us navigate better.

Other example quotes include, “She lived below her potential.” I’ve been dreading this quote ever since I heard it reverberating in my ears and thus, has pushed me to step it up. I’ve also met 2 new individuals, that have shared with me their hustling stories in the artistic world, and as a result, have re-energized my thrive. And a Youtube video of Kobe Bryan, who has further taught me 2 important life lessons. Kobe’s career went from fulfilling his dreams as a professional basketball player to now working on fulfilling his new act as an author. This has taught me that 1. As humans, we are born to take action, nothing is granted for free and 2. As humans, we can be multiple things, not just one. Finally, although Kobe retired fulfilled from his basketball career, he too now has new fears of whether his new act will succeed.

In life, everything is a learning curve with its fears, as soon as we are finished with one learning experience we are looking for another one to fulfill our high. And we are all worried about our highs. No one else is watching, which makes it the ideal time to work the hardest because once the top is reached, it’s over and you’re looking at the next learning curve. In other words, it is the process of punching one fear after another that creates the character you want to be. This is why this time I’m all in to experiment because at the end of the day my audience decides what is art and what is not, while I may have no control over their likes I get to decide to use my time as a CREATOR and try to get better each day.

Meanwhile, I understand that everyone is fond of different colors, different backgrounds, and different angles. So, it is fair to say that there’s aesthetics for everyone. Of course, some aesthetics are more universal than others. No one knows exactly why we are drawn to those aesthetics but, chances are there is a market for everyone’s taste. Thus, my goal is to CREATE and walk you through the aesthetics of this ambivert! Some places you’ll recognize because they are iconic in the fashion blogger world and some may not be known at all. Okay, see you later! I am off to go have fun doing what I want to do, “Photoshoots with my storylines, my personality, and my location selection”. With this said, hopefully, I too can be a source of inspiration to go after what you want! After all, life is a testing journey. 😀

Thanks for reading, Love Melo!

Hi, my name is Melody and I am the face behind the visual muse! I am a health and wellness writer currently based out of Miami Fl. When I am not writing or exercising. I am either collaborating on voice overs projects and love spending time learning different ways to manifest self-improvement.

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